Music Supervision & Licensing


Music Makes The Difference does any or all of the following:

- Provide hand-picked song options & ideas
- Work with you to select the right music for your project
- Obtain the appropriate music license
- Create original music, custom-made to your specifications
- Take care of all necessary paperwork
- Work within your budget

If you’re in a hurry to get music for your project, we have a select roster of quality songs that can be licensed significantly faster than other songs. This is possible because we’ve already established close relationships with the songwriters. Feel free to have a listen to these songs below, and contact us with any questions.┬áCongratulations to one of our songwriters Schpilkas who just composed and produced the theme song for the new TV show Tia & Tamera on the Style Network!

Flash required

We believe music plays a central roll in any project, product, or experience. With all the clutter and constant bombardment of information in today’s world, the right music can distinguish the good from the bad and the ugly. If you don’t mind using generic “stock” music meant to linger in the background, then we are not for you.

Here, we passionately believe that music, like nothing else, creates a lasting impression and emotional connection with your audience, be it in a film, show, promotional video, advertisement, video game, retail experience…you name it. This is based on first-hand experience through years of working in the music, marketing, and advertising industries, and is supported by scientific research as well.


Client: Scion
Task: Select and license music for the Scion CD Sampler series, as part of their national marketing campaign.



Client: Casio G-Shock
Task: Select and license music for feature video with pro surfer Erica Hosseini.


Task: Select and license music for the Video Of The Month (after intro music).