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Music Makes The Difference is a boutique agency based in Los Angeles providing quality music for a variety of events, businesses, and projects. Whether you’re hosting a stellar party, having the wedding of your dreams, or producing an eye-opening film…we enhance all of it with the right, hand-selected music.

What sets us apart is a keen understanding of the important role music plays in our lives, as well as our extensive collection of music from around the world. From classics to cutting-edge, from Latin America to Europe to Africa and back home, covering all fly points in between…good music is good music. We find the right songs for the right moments to create an emotional connection with the audience. When you strike the right emotional chord, it creates a lasting memory.

Several stylish – and sometimes exuberant – weddings we’ve done have been featured in high-profile wedding blogs such as 100 Layer Cake, Style Me Pretty and on WeddingWire.com.

We provide full DJ services and audio equipment for live events, custom music programming and retail playlists for businesses, as well as music supervision and licensing for film, TV, advertisements, promotional videos and other projects. For bookings or inquiries, email us here or ben(at)musicmakesthedifference.com.

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Music Makes The Difference is founded by music industry veteran Ben Klinger aka DJ El Dopa, and backed by a global team of talented artists.

DJ El Dopa. Photo by Lana Ranch.


DJ El Dopa’s approach to spinning has always been that of a storyteller. In fact, he sees the art of DJing as a way of telling a story and creating it at the same time. From the moment he plays his first record, a new story begins, and everyone in attendance plays a part. No matter how much preparation goes into it, the story is never fully pre-written. A true DJ needs to be in the moment…to find the right song for each and every moment.

Spinning since 1997, El Dopa’s knowledge and variety of musical selections run deep, but his approach goes beyond the music to the people. With a degree in Sociology and emphasis in Ethnomusicology from UC Irvine, his keen understanding of people and the role music plays in our lives gives him a huge advantage in using music to touch, move, and awaken his audience. Sure, in his DJ sets you may hear some familiar sounds, but you’ll also be turned on to something new and captivating.

URB Magazine, 2004

Born and raised in Los Angeles to an international family, Ben loves traveling and bringing his unique sounds to other cities, and at the same time being inspired by them. Having performed and toured in places like Brazil, London, Montréal, Hawaii, New York, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Denver and all over his native Southern California, he draws upon a wide array of musical influences from all corners of the globe, mixing together the best in beat-driven music. With so much good music out there, there is no room for mediocrity.

Ben Klinger has also produced, managed, & licensed music projects for brands such as Lexus, Casio, and Scion, for whom he helped direct the musical focus of the brand’s national marketing strategy during its first 5 years. The success of the groundbreaking campaign is now a subject of discussion in marketing courses, and countless brands have since followed suit.

In 2009, Ben completed the course Music Supervision For Film & TV at UCLA.




1997 was drawing to a close. I was a sophomore at UC Irvine and was about to start my own radio show on KUCI 88.9 fm. My first official stint as a DJ. I’d call the show Extreme Possibilities, but what would I call myself? I needed a DJ name. Something told me this was a very important decision although I had no specific plans for becoming a DJ, I just knew I loved music. The name couldn’t be just anything that sounded cool. But it did have to sound cool, too. I dwelled on it for several days, as did my buddies of course. “How about DJ Klinger-The-Zinger-Bringer?” Hmmm…

So the TV was on, and playing was the movie Awakenings, with Robert DeNiro and Robin Williams. It’s based on a true story, and Williams plays Dr. Oliver Sacks, who is trying to treat DeNiro and several other patients suffering from a strange and rare neurological disorder that leaves them in a catatonic state. They have very limited awareness, and cannot move. The only time they can move on their own is by a reflexive reaction.

Dr. Sacks experimented with a drug known as L-dopa, which derived from the neurochemical dopamine. When released by our brains, in short, dopamine makes us feel good. After several attempts with different doses, L-dopa was finally able to “wake up” DeNiro’s character, his mind and body, and he was able to experience the world for the first time in 25 years, captivated by all its beauty. In fact, music helped tremendously with “awakening” these patients to get up, walk, and even dance, whereas before, they were lifeless shells of themselves.

So I put my own spin on the spelling, and voila! DJ El Dopa was born.